Links and Interesting Things

This page include links and mods that I have found interesting and worthy of noting for my build.


Stainless steel heater control box from Aircraft Spruce:
In reference to this Vans Airforce Post:

Brake pedal return spring mod (Includes part numbers):

Here are some suggestions on cutting the W-716 pushrod length to 66 1/8″ to 66 7/32″ long to avoid any fitment issuess.

Better Method for Attaching Fuel Tank Z Brackets:

Very clean way of installing a smoke system:

Good discussion on switches and wiring for VPX:

Discussion on Wing Tip hinge mounting:

Huge Thread about Baja Designs for landing lights:

Company that sells CO detector and other neat gadgets:

A great site that has tons of Weight and Balance spreadsheets, checklists and other great docs:

ProSeal discussion and lots of great hints / tips:

Wing Tip hinge style mounting done by Mike Bullock:

A PDF link hosted here from Mike’s website: WingtipHinges

Very nice metal Wing Stands:
And some nice improvements to this design:

Wings in Stands! Happy Labor Day!


Finshed Wing Stand Mount Points


A good way to do Rudder Trim, with a servo and tab:

Others Build Logs for Reference:

Great site that shows how I’d like to route my Pitot/AOA system.

Good information for the Bob Archer wingtip NAV antenna:


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