Deburring and Dimpling the Left Tank

FINALLY got some time to get a little work done on the RV-7 again.  Lots of projects going on and been focusing on family time over building.  It was good to get back and do some work with my hands though.  Not much to report.  I was able to get all of tank skin holes deburred, and the tank skin edges deburred.  I also dimpled the ribs and stiffeners using a combination of my DRDT-2 and squeezer.  Then I finished off the night by deburring the edges of the tank baffle.  I’ll tacked dimpling the tank skin in the next build session, and then its time for Pro-seal.

I also went ahead and trimmed the plastic sheeting off the rivet lines using my dull soldering iron.  Thats it for tonights session.  Just something to get me back in the swing of things.  With the summer months, its hard to get down in the basement and work since we have soooooo much awesome daylight.

Hours Worked: 1.5

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