Finishing Aileron Push Rods and Control Tubes

Quick update and work session tonight.  The last long control tube has cured from its priming, and Its ready for the rod end to be riveted.  So, I grabbed the primer, and swirled some on the inside of the VA-111 rod end, and also on the mating surface.

Then I clecoed the rod end into the tube, lining up all the holes, ready for the MSP-42 blind rivets.   I set these rivets one at a time, dipping the ends into the primer so they get a nice covering, and wet set them.

Eventually they were all set, and these tubs are assembled!  I still need to prime the longer push / pull tubes, but I’ll wait until I get some more AKZO to prime them.  I want a hard wearing surface for these, the oil based primer I’m only comfortable with being inside the tube, where it wont get scratched or exposed.  I set the tubes and push rods on the shelf for now, as I’ll need to get the wings on my benches to install them and the ailerons.

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Hours worked: .25

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