Initial Leak test on the Right Tank

Short post, but I started the initial leak test on the right tank!  I am doing the water test method without the baffle to test for any gross leaks around the rib rivets and outboard ribs before I put the baffle on.  This will let me add sealant on any areas I have missed.  I’ve let the sealant cure for a few days since the last session, so I moved the tanks out to the garage to avoid messes.  Then I screwed on the fitting caps, and used a piece of scrap aluminum tubing for the tank vent to get it above the baffle water line.

Next I installed the fuel cap, adjusting the tensioner nut on its inside so it would tighten down on its o-ring seal nicely, and started filling the tank with a water hose.

I filled the tank as high as I possibly could to get the most static pressure on the leading edge (its sitting leading edge towards the ground in the cradle).  This way I could really test the sealing job I have done on the nose of the outboard ribs.  It will also let me know if I have a leaky rivet anywhere.  I’ll come down later tonight and put some paper under the tank to help me spot any tiny leaks that form.

Here’s a few snaps of the tank as it sits.  I dried it completely off with a rag, and it appears to be (initially) leak free!  Time will tell after a few hours though.  This was a short session, only about 30 minutes between work phone calls and meetings. I’ll start the left tank tonight!

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