Right Tank Deburring Part 1

This is a quick build update as there isn’t much of an update.  I disassembled the right tank and then removed the plastic from the parts so I could start the arduous process of deburring, edge finishing and dimpling.  I logged a little over an hour tonight, and that was mostly deburring all the holes.  I did one piece at a time, deburred the holes then deburred and finished all the edges of that part before setting it on the shelf as completed.  I got through MOST of the parts, except for a half dozen ribs or so, and then called it for the night.  I did a little shop cleaning afterwards, but I am not counting the time spent cleaning the shop 🙂

Here’s the parts after disassembly and ready for deburring:

This is to be continued in the next build session!  Thats all for tonight.  Super simple.

Hours worked: 1.25

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