Deburring and dressing the horizontal stabilizer parts

The Dixon household has caught whatever sinus bug that has been going around, and then add onto that the horribly smokey air quality from all the wild fires makes for little motivation to work on the plane. But I did get to feeling a bit better today, and the baby is at “Nana’s” house so tonight was a good work night.

I worked about 3 hours finishing up the metal prep for the right horizontal stabilizer. I deburred and dressed all the edges of all the parts remaining for both horizontal stabilizers. I also finished up the HS-710 and HS-714 as well as the HS-609PP rear spar bars. I decided to remove just the blue plastic around the rivet lines on the external skin surface to help keep them protected during storage. However, all of the internal parts have had the plastic removed.

I will finish these parts up by dimpling everything and then scuffing and cleaning them for priming. I still haven’t decided if I am going to dimple the skins BEFORE or AFTER priming. The skeleton I am going to dimple before scuffing/priming. But the skin will be much, much easier to scuff and clean if its inside is free of dimples, but I might have to issues dimpling after its primed. We’ll see.

Thats all for tonight. Heres the photos of tonights work:

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Hours Worked: 3
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