Dimpling the Left Tank Skin

Local weather was pretty crappy, so I didn’t go flying in the Cardinal today, and didn’t have anything else on the docket to finish, so I decided to spend some time working on the RV-7.  Picking up where I left off, I needed to get the left tank skin dimpled so that I can start prosealing it and getting it up the point where the right tank is.  Simple process:  I used my DRDT-2 dimpler, to make quick and easy work of dimpling all these holes.  I made sure to NOT dimple the line of rivets that hold the tank baffle on, as they are machine countersunk instead. I also made sure to dimple the screw holes with a #8 dimple, as this is where the tanks skins screw onto the main spar.

And heres some photos of me doing the work, so I can prove to the FSDO that I am the guy building this thing.  I am hoping to get the repairman certificate for this aircraft, if and when it ever gets done! I was working by myself, so I hope a couple of selfies is OK.


I did complete the tank skin in a little over an hour.  I spent probably ten minutes catching up and reading where I left off, nearly a month ago! I have got to start making these a bit more frequent, or she’ll never get finished.

Hours Worked: 1.25

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