Drilling, Deburring, and Dimpling the Aileron Stiffeners and Skin

After dealing with Unicoi Aviation’s Taxes, our family taxes, and end of year for work, I decided to hit the shop and do a little building.  I actually made decent progress on the build tonight, and have both ailerons ready for assembly.  I had finished making all of the stiffeners for both ailerons, so the next step was to fit them all the the skins and get them match drilled. But first, I have to remove all this blue plastic:

Then,  I clecoed the stiffeners to both sides, and then match drilled them to a #40, and marked the stiffeners to which side they belong on.


After getting all of the stiffeners match drilled and marked, I removed them for the next step: Deburring.  This is the same old process I have done hundreds of times: 1. Deburr the stiffeners, both sides, then 2. Deburr the skins both inside and out.  As always I took a lot of caution on the skin, because the ailerons uses thin .025″ skin, and I didn’t want to knife edge the holes.   Once I had the deburring done, it was time to dimple everything.  This is a little different from my normal process, because I need to rivet the stiffeners to the skins before I can proceed to the rest of the steps.  I have also decided that I am going to use Alumaprep 33 and Alodine to help get these stiffeners (and in the future, the wing ribs) ready for priming.

Once I had all the parts deburred, I decided I had enough steam left to just go ahead and dimple these guys and be done with them.  I used my DRDT-2 dimpler to make quick work of both the stiffeners and the skins:


After getting both the left and right ailerons done, these parts will go back on the shelf for a little while.  I’ll order some Alumaprep33 and Alodine so it will be here next week, ready to go.  The good thing, I can go ahead and get the next couple of steps done while I am waiting for that shipment.  I’ll get the doubler made, and the spars ready to go. Thats where I decided to call it quits for the night.  Here’s the last photos of my parts tucked away on the shelf….for now.

Google Photos Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/OXt3RPYbVeZiRuf93

Hours Worked: 3.0

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