Priming the Aileron Skins and Stiffeners

I was pretty happy with the way the Alodine treatment turned out last night, so I figured I would go ahead and lay down some AKZO primer on them to see how well it sticks.  This is going to be a small primer session, with only doing the stiffeners and … Continue reading

Drilling, Deburring, and Dimpling the Aileron Stiffeners and Skin

After dealing with Unicoi Aviation’s Taxes, our family taxes, and end of year for work, I decided to hit the shop and do a little building.  I actually made decent progress on the build tonight, and have both ailerons ready for assembly.  I had finished making all of the stiffeners … Continue reading

Making the Aileron Stiffeners

Changing of the Blueprints! I started the ailerons tonight.  Having finished up the flaps, the next logical step is for me to do the same for both ailerons.  After looking over the plans, the first step is…..making stiffeners!  Soooo much excitement /sarcasm.  Honestly though, the ailerons look to be a … Continue reading