Ordered the Wings!

I have submitted my order to Vans for the wings!  I have been working with a few folks over the phone discussing a few options, substitutions and additions to my wing kit, and finally got to the point of getting an order completed.  I am still a bit surprised at just how “old school” Vans is in this regard.  Things are done very much at a slow pace, and usually via snail-mail or fax.  I mean, this is 2017, do people still use faxes?

Never the less. I have decided on adding a couple extra longerons to my order.  These ship with the wings even though they are for the fuselage, to save crating and shipping charges. They are pretty cheap, so I figured I’d order a few extras just in case, and save on the shipping costs. I also decided on upgraded the standard fuel caps to the nice locking deluxe units, and I also added some extra angle aluminum and a few other bits and bobs to make things cheaper to ship.

Here is a spreadsheet I came up with to help me on my order:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xvkFqz–8bHhM5vU3ZT5DI_iRKh0t4POcf_eJvk-3Hw/edit?usp=sharing

I am waiting on my invoice to get finalized, and then a crating date to be selected.  Then I will pay the rest of the monies, and the kit will be on its way.  It’s looking like an 8 week-ish lead time before they get here.  I wish I’d have ordered them sooner.  Thats it for this entry, no hours being added to the build log, as this is just paperwork.  I did add a new “Wings” category 🙂

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