Sometimes reviews don’t tell the truth

Well, I have some messed up aileron pushrods now. I decided to take my pushrods to be welded, after some concerns over the edge distance on one of the rivets.  I figured I would get them welded and call it good.  I found a local mobile welder that had great reviews, called them up and dropped of my pushrods.  This is what I got back!

Absolute garbage!! This guy said he’d been welding for 40 years.  His mobile rig looked impressive, and he had a very good setup.  I don’t know what happened here.  Was he drunk?  Let his kid do it?  Needless to say these are now scrapped.  I ordered the parts to build new ones today and hopefully shipping won’t be expensive on the 48″ piece of stock for the tubes.   It was around $60 bucks of new parts.

Live and Learn I guess!

Hours Worked: ZERO!

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