Wing Cradle Caster Upgrade

I started tonights work with a little upgrade for the wing cradle.  I picked up some new casters at Harbor Freight, to make moving the wing cradle a little easier,  These have a 200lb each weight rating, and have brakes on each wheel, which will make it easy to lock the cradle in place so I can work on the wings.  I removed the old plastic casters, and then bolted the new ones on with 1/4″ lag screws.

The old casters have the stem that goes into the wood, which was a little wobbly, and would routinely fall out when I was moving the cradle.  These new casters have a plate that I can bolt on to the cradle.

It rolls SOOOO much smoother now.  A cheap upgrade for about $25 in casters.  They’re ball bearing as well, so they swivel very easily.  Next up I decided to drill out the 3 rivets on the skins that Tammy and I messed up when we riveted the skins on.  Out of all those rivets, 3 were bad, which is a decent ratio I think :-). They drilled out very easily, and I’ll leave them open until Tammy can help me rivet some OOPS rivets in there.  Maybe tomorrow.

Thats it for this quick session.  I went upstairs for a quick break, and then I’ll come back and do some more work.

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Hours Worked: 0.75

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