Wing Rib Deburring Part 4

One Hour…thats all I managed to work on the airplane tonight.  I’ve got a lot going on with work and family right now, so I don’t have as much spare time to get down to the airplane factory and build the RV-7.  Spending a lot of time learning up on Ansible and Satellite 6 as well as IdM (Three Red Hat products I deliver for our customers), and with Dad in the hospital recovering from surgery, I don’t find myself with any time left in the days.  But, any step forward is a good step, no matter how small.

Tonight, I simply finished up deburring 14 leading edge ribs, which includes all the little tabs and slots on the flanges.  Man, these things are a pain in the ass to do. It’s not so much difficult work, as it is tedious and boring and repetitive. It’s got to be done though!  I am still using emery cloth folded up to fit into the slots, and it seems to be working good enough.  I have about another 15 or 20 leading edge ribs left to do.

Here’s the aftermath of all that deburring:

I’ll probably just keep at it with the emery cloth.  one strip seems to last a pretty good while and they are cheap.  I’m not going to waste any more time and effort on trying to use a dremel or die grinder. Thats pretty much it for tonight.  These wing rib posts are always pretty boring and simple on just about every builders online log, and I can see why.

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