Wing Rib Deburring — Part 5 and DONE!

I wrapped up all the wing rib deburring tonight.  All that was left were the ribs for the fuel tanks, but like all the other leading edge ribs, they have all those little tiny flanges, and each one needs to be deburred.

I spent a little over an hour knocking the rest of these things out and then decided to do a little work on my flange straightening tool.  I had picked up a “edge rounder” routing bit so I could smooth the handle down a bit a few days ago, so I decided to move on to that for the rest of the evening.  I am not going to count those hours in the build log however, since I was pretty much just polishing up on the tool I made to help me get the rib flanges all at a 90 degree angle.  I’ll do that tomorrow and give details on it.

That (thankfully) wraps up all of the edge deburring for all of these ribs.  It took a lot of time, and wasn’t very fun but it had to be done.  I am just glad its over, so I can move on to some other task for a change! Here’s the stack of ribs I got done tonight.  16 total (I think that was the count):

Google Photos Link:

Hours Worked:1.25
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