Wing Rib Fluting — Part 2

I found an hour or so to finish up the main wing rib fluting.  Like the last session, I used the table top method on our granite countertop and knocked out the remaining 14-something main wing ribs.  They stack much nicer now that they are all formed straight and with proper flanges.

I was going to start working on the leading edge ribs, but decided to hold off on those guys, because I think I will modify my flange straightener tool to work with these curved edges so I can more easily get the flanges to 90 degrees.  Then I can flute them all.  No photos from tonights work, as it is pretty much the same as the last session.

Hours Worked:1.25
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  1. Tom Lombardi says:

    Lynn, I saw your reply to my post about my ACK-04 ELT going off on it’s own. I thought I had solved the issue, but it happened to me again today. Could you drop me an email and let me know if you resolved your issue in your 172?
    Van’s RV7A flying since Nov ’16

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