Dimpling the Bottom Wing Skins

A little change of pace! I’m back to dimpling skins.  This time around I managed to get all 4 of the bottom skins dimpled: 2 inboard and 2 outboard.  I didn’t snap any photos of this work, but I did get a time lapse of the entire session.  It’s not very exciting, but its good progress nonetheless.  It was also good timing as I had my benches setup and covered, making this pretty easy work.  I used the DRDT-2 dimpler to get all of the skins.  I even dimpled the holes for the access plates and their nutplates.

If you keep an eye out, you’ll see where I spilled my big mug of cold brew coffee! HAH! Thankfully it didn’t get on any parts, just the blanket covering the bench.  Tammy also came down and helped me get the last skin.  I think I’ll get the nutplates riveted on in the next session, since I am still holding for the replacement pushrod parts to be delivered.

Hours Worked: 2.25

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