Deburring the Bottom Wing Skins

A quick update on this one. I’ve decided to do one big priming session this weekend to be efficient. Planning on priming all the bottom wing skins, the aileron brackets, flap braces and aileron gap seals all in one go.  So, I needed to get the deburring work done on the bottom skins.  I grabbed the inboard and outboard skins for both wings from their storage area, and put them on the bench and went to work!  Here’s the time lapse that shows the work.  I took a short break for dinner in that video 😉

Pretty straight forward:  I rounded all the corners of the skins with my bastard file then used the file on all the edges to smooth out the shearing marks.  Then I used a scotchbrite pad to completely finish all the edges on the skin getting them nice and smooth.  After that, I used the edge breaking tool to put a small break on the edges where the skin laps, or lands on the spars so I’d get a very nice rivet line.  Finally, I removed the blue plastic from the interior side of the skins, as I’ll be scuffing them and priming them this weekend.  Thats it! I’ll probably get setup to prime tomorrow.

Hours Worked:  1.25

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